Cheapest Real Estate You Can Buy in Dubai with Crypto

Cheapest Real Estate You Can Buy in Dubai with Crypto

Cheapest Real Estate You Can Buy in Dubai with Crypto

With Dubai developing more and more each year, its real estate market has become a hot investment opportunity. With a large number of investors, the prices of properties are rising significantly, with an average apartment now selling for around AED 500,000 which is the equivalent of around $150,000. But this does not mean that there are no cheap options. If you know where to look you can find cheap Dubai real estate to buy with crypto, with specific neighbourhoods being known as cheaper options.

But buying the cheapest available apartment might not be a good idea, as most of them are located in bad areas, where prices are not expected to rise. Because of this, today we will be taking a look at the cheap real estate you can buy in Dubai with crypto which is also a good investment opportunity.

Things to know about cheap Dubai real estate with crypto

  1. There are a few neighbourhoods that are known for relatively cheap real estate prices
  2. If you are on a really tight budget, you can even purchase spaces such as storage units, parking spaces, and more
  3. Cheap properties in Dubai, usually don’t come with many benefits
  4. The average price of cheap Dubai crypto real estate is around AED 250,000

Cheapest real estate options in Dubai

When talking about cheap real estate, Dubai is probably the last place we would think of. This is a luxury destination that has become a holiday destination for many wealthy individuals. But this does not mean that there are no cheap options to invest in. Below we will take a look at places where there is cheap real estate in Dubai for sale with crypto.

Cheapest neighbourhoods in Dubai

It doesn’t matter where we are in the world, each city can be divided into multiple parts based on the price of real estate in that area with Dubai not being an exception. If you want to buy real estate for cheap in Dubai with crypto there are a few neighbourhoods you should look at.

Located in the northeastern part of Dubai in the AI Warsan area, Dubai International City is one of the most affordable places in Dubai. This place has everything, schools, shopping malls, parks, restaurants, cafes, and medical facilities are all available practically everywhere. This place is known for its architecture, and as the name suggests it is a mixture of different architectural styles from across the world. Here you will find places named after different cities of the world, with each of them having an architectural style of that city. When it comes to the prices, the average price of a property in Dubai International City is around AED 300,000 which equals around $80,000. There are also cheaper options at around AED 200,000 for those on a super tight budget.

Dubai Silicon Oasis is another relatively cheap neighborhood in Dubai. Located north of the center of Dubai, this is a technological hub of Dubai, taking inspiration from Silicon Valley in the U.S. This place is full of commercial spaces, as well as residential ones. Located near the center, Dubai Silicon Oasis has easy access to many different parts of the city, making it easy to travel in and out of the neighborhood. When it comes to prices, the average price for an apartment is around AED 350,000 which equals around $90,000, with the cheapest options being around AED 250,000 or just under $70,000. For that price, you can expect to get a nice 40 square meter apartment.

For those that are looking for cheap Dubai real estate with crypto and are physically active individuals, Dubai Sports City is a great place to look at. Located near the city center, Dubai Sports City is a great place for those that live physically active lives. This place is filled with different sports areas, such as stadiums and gyms. There are also many different places for riding bicycles or for walking/running. This neighborhood is also known for beautiful parks and other green spaces where you can relax and spend your time. The average price of an apartment in this area is around AED 300,000 which is around $80,000. When it comes to the cheapest options, they start at around AED 240,000 which is equivalent to $65,000.

Final thoughts on buying cheap real estate Dubai with crypto

Investing in Dubai’s real estate market is something that many consider to be the best decision when it comes to investing in any real estate market. Dubai has become a destination for ultra-wealthy people, and property prices have risen significantly in recent years. But this does not mean that there are no cheaper versions that you can buy with crypto. When we are talking about cheap Dubai real estate with crypto, we take into consideration the Dubai market, meaning that these apartments are not that cheap. Of course, there are places that you can purchase for around 30-40 thousand USD, but most of them are in bad areas, where you should not expect a fast return on investment, and it might never go much above the purchase price.

The average price of cheap real estate in Dubai is around AED 250,000, which is the equivalent of around $68,000. These apartments are usually around 40 square meters, one-bedroom apartments, and are located near the city center, but not quite there. This means that the average price of a cheap apartment in Dubai is $1700 per square meter, which can be considered very expensive in most other parts of the world, meaning that you should be ready to spend quite a large amount of money when investing in Dubai.

While investing in cheap property might seem like a good idea, there are some benefits that you are missing out on. For example, if you were to invest in an AED 1,000,000 ($270,000) apartment or a house, you are eligible for a 3-year residency visa that can be renewed as long as you own the property. Because of this, we would suggest that you contact a real estate agency that operates in Dubai, such as Coin Real Estate. With their help, you can view many different properties that fit your budget and preferences and make a decision only after that. These agencies will try to find the best place for you, negotiate with the developer or a seller on your behalf, and make the purchase as easy and fast as possible.

Frequently asked questions about cheap Dubai real estate which you can buy with crypto

What is the best place in Dubai to buy a cheap flat with crypto

If you are looking for the cheapest option available, there are plenty of apartments that are selling for AED 100,000, which is just around $30,000. But if you are looking for cheap properties that are also good investment opportunities, then Dubai International City is the best place to look at. Here prices range from around AED 300,000 or just under $100,000 but can go up very high also.

Is there cheap real estate in Dubai to purchase with crypto?

Despite having ultra-luxury status and having apartments that are selling for millions of dollars, Dubai still has some cheap options, which people who don’t have millions to spend can easily purchase. The cheapest apartments in Dubai sell for around AED 100,000 or around $30,000. But if you are also looking for a relatively good neighborhood and property with acceptable prices, we should expect the price to range between AED 280,000 to AED 350,000. ($76,000 – $95,000)


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