Visa and resident permit for Dubai real estate buyers

Visa and resident permit for Dubai real estate buyers

Visa and resident permit for Dubai real estate buyers

When we are looking to invest in the real estate market, especially the foreign ones, the first question we ask ourselves is whether we will be getting a visa and residence permit in that country. When it comes to countries that do, the United Arab Emirates is one of the most desirable ones, most especially the emirates of Dubai. 

With the goal of developing Dubai and the whole UAE, the government made it super easy to purchase properties in Dubai, and receive many benefits on top of it. One of these benefits is the property investor visa Dubai, which gives investors who invest in properties valued at a certain amount, special visas ranging from 3-5 years, with easy possibilities of extending them.  There is also a special program for those that wish to retire in Dubai and invest in the real estate market. Here we will be taking a look at these benefits and discussing how you can get them and if they are worth it.

Things to know about Dubai Visa and resident permit for real estate buyers

  1. When purchasing real estate in Dubai, you receive Dubai Visa
  2. Dubai real estate residency visa length depends on the value of the property you own
  3. Investing in off-plan property won’t give you Dubai Visa and residence permit
  4. There is a retiree investor Visa in Dubai, for those who wish to retire in Dubai

Step by step guide on Dubai Visa and resident permit for real estate buyers

With Dubai becoming a more and more popular destination for many wealthy people, investing in Dubai property has become really popular. With the goal of popularizing this, Dubai has made it really easy to invest in the real estate market and has also introduced many benefits for those that do, with visa and resident permits being one of the best benefits among many. Let’s take a look at how you can get them.

Investing in residential property

The most simple way to acquire a UAE investor visa is to invest in residential property. The requirement for acquiring this visa is to own a property that is valued at at least 1 million AED, which is equivalent to around $270,000. But one thing that needs to be considered here is that, for this benefit to apply, a maximum of 50% of the property can be under a mortgage. Those that own property along with other investors can also receive this benefit, as long as their share equals 1 million AED. 

This benefit only applies to owning one residential property that meets this requirement and does not apply to owning multiple commercial properties. This benefit also does not apply to off-plan properties, which are yet to be constructed.

When it comes to the length of the visa, it will be either 3 years or 5 years, depending on the value of the property. A 3-year visa is given to those who invested in property valued at 1 million AED, while a 5-year visa is given to those that have invested in property worth at least 5 million AED. These visas can be extended as long as you still own these properties.

Therefore, if you are interested in investing in the Dubai real estate market, make sure that you take this information into consideration, as owning a Dubai visa and residence permit can be beneficial in many different ways.

Retirement Visa

What’s better than spending your retirement under the sun of Dubai sipping cocktails and enjoying the nice weather? Well, the UAE property visa rules have introduced a special Retirement Visa designed for those that are older than 55 and wish to spend their retirement in Dubai.

For them to receive this visa, there are certain criteria that they need to meet. One is owning a property worth at least 2 million AED, which gives you a 5-year expandable visa. There is also a possibility of receiving this visa by having savings of at least 1 million AED, or a monthly income of at least 20,000 AED. While the latter two require fewer expenses in order to acquire a visa, they, unlike the first option of owning 2 million AED worth of property, don’t give you a guarantee that your visa will be extended once the 5 years pass, as you will be required to meet these requirements once again. But if you own a property, this problem is removed as you will always have that property unless you sell it; and if you sell it, the likelihood is that you will sell it for way more than the price you purchased it at. 

Final thoughts on visa and resident permits for Dubai real estate investors

Investing in the real estate market has been proven to be a good investment, and investing in Dubai real estate right now is no exception. The UAE and other gulf countries started to invest a lot of money into the development of their countries, and for that, they made it super easy and beneficial to invest in their market.

When investing in the Dubai real estate market you can receive good benefits, with visa and resident permits being one of these benefits. We can see that the demand for Dubai real estate is growing each year, with prices going up. We can also see that by looking at sales volumes, they have managed to almost double in 2022, compared to 2021. This has left many people asking, “do you get visa if you buy property in Dubai?” The answer is yes, the UAE has introduced many different ways to get a visa when purchasing property in Dubai. 

So, if you have funds and are looking to invest somewhere, we believe there is no better option than this. Investing in Dubai real estate is even easier with the help of real estate agencies such as Coin Real Estate, which give investors the ability to purchase properties using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even USDT; allowing them to do so without even having to go to the UAE to sign the paperwork.

Frequently asked questions about visa and residents permits for Dubai real estate investors

Do you get a residence visa if you buy property in Dubai?

Dubai has a policy that lets people who invest in Dubai real estate get a residence visa if they meet certain requirements. The cheapest property that will get you a visa in Dubai is one valued for at least 1 million AED, which is equivalent to around $270,000.


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