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How to make Money Investing in Real Estate in United Arab Emirate  


The real estate sector in The United Arab Emirates is a land of endless possibilities, this is why Coin Real Estate was created. This billion-dollar sector has attracted the rich and mighty from all over the world especially those searching for new ways to earn extra money and conduct businesses abroad. Since 1994, the sector has seen an upward growth trajectory and 2022 promises to be an even better year of growth in the real estate market of the United Arab Emirates.

The government has played a crucial role in this growth with the very favorable government policies which favors both the locals and foreign investors. UAE is not only a 24-hour economy but also a 24-hour construction hub. Tourism is booming and with this, comes the need for more residential houses and thus the vibrant real estate sector.

Furthermore, the endless investment opportunities in the United Arab Emirates have seen a spike in foreigners relocating to establish permanent residency in the Middle Eastern country. If you are looking to invest in the real estate sector, then UAE is the place to be.

Why should you purchase real estate in the United Arab Emirates?

The Government of the United Arab Emirates is a business concise government whose. The government introduced a total waiver policy on the ownership, sale, or rent of property in the country. This makes the UAE one of the best places to invest in villas, hotels and luxury homes. Profits from the sale and rental fees are higher compared to those in many other developed countries worldwide.

The ministry of housing, in September 2021, enacted a policy which awarded a 3-year residential visa to all investors who buy real estate houses of at least $204,000. And that’s not all, the visa can be extended several times if you wish to extend your stay in the UAE.

Prospects of the UAE real estate investment market

The UAE has seven emirates, the largest one which also serves as the state’s capital city is Abu Dhabi. However, because of its economic might, Dubai is way more famous. It receives more investors, more tourists and bigger in all other aspects. In 2021 alone, revenue from the sale of housing units clocked over 80 billion dollars in Dubai, which is a massive thing despite the COVID 19 setback in the economy.

This was informed by the massive influx of foreigners, with a majority of them being dollar billionaires from the west. The massive influx is expected to grow even bigger in 2022 and for investors, this means money since more housing units are necessary to cater for this projected population. Property valuation is also growing bigger by day in the UAE. In 2021, the average property prices in Dubai appreciated by 19.94% which is a very profitable margin and the upward appreciation trajectory is expected to continue for several years.

Investing in the Dubai market

Dubai is the economic engine of the UAE boasting of the most active economy compared to all other states in the country. For the past 10 years, the Dubai market has attracted several billionaires. The Dubai EXPO 2020 took the economic possibilities to a whole different level as it attracted over 25 million people looking to invest in the market.

As economic experts predict, the market rush in Dubai will grow even bigger after the exhibition.

How to choose a profitable property

To invest in a profitable guaranteed sector in UAE, you must study the marketing trends driven by demand and supply. In Dubai for instance, luxury is the top seller and that is what should inform your investment whether it is in the real estate or hospitality sector.

For investors, the minimum property investment is $100,000, however, you can find cheaper properties to invest in. however, resorting to the cheaper options might result in lower profits after registration. But this should not worry you as there are several properties that you can purchase profitably as investments.

Areas foreigners can buy properties with full ownership in Dubai

There are free zoned areas where foreigners can buy real estate with full ownership. They include;

  • Palm Jumeirah
  • Dubai Marina
  • Downtown Dubai

Choose Coin Real Estate

Finding your dream home in Dubai can be tricky, but with the best real estate partner thinks will be much easier! Coin Real Estate is your trusted Real Estate Agency in the UAE. The fastest and safest partner for you to buy Property in the UAE with cryptocurrencies.


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